Senior Software Engineer

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  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Job Location:
    Hyderabad, India
  • Education:
    B.Tech / BE / M.Tech / MCA / MCS / MS
  • Experience:
    5-10 Years
  • Posting Date:
    Sep 20, 2018
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Skills Required
Job Description

We’re looking for great developers writing excellent software. If you have a history of designing, owning and shipping software, as well as excellent communication and collaboration skills, then we want to talk to you. You should have a solid understanding of the software development cycle, from architecture to testing. You’ll have a passion for quality and be a creative thinker. You’ll write secure, reliable, scalable, and maintainable code, and then effectively debug it, test it and support it live. You should be comfortable owning a feature and making decisions independently. This role will require technical expertise across a broad range of platforms and technologies, as well as a deep understanding of enterprise security risk. The successful candidate will have demonstrable experience implementing against a technical vision and driving realization of it while efficiently using agile development methodologies.


The Ideal Candidate - You - should be:

Nonconventional thought leader - Just because it has always been done “that way”, does not mean it needs to continue, you are a threat to standard convention. Out of the box thinking is your norm. You are the idea person.
Leader of the band - You are a highly skilled software developer that helps guide, coach, mentor, team members while also setting examples that establish and maintain a healthy workgroup culture.
Humbitious - you are humble yet ambitious, respectful yet direct, courteous yet bold, unpretentious while extraordinary. You are able to both give and receive constructive feedback equally. You are Humble AND ambitious.
Techtacular - you are innovative and transformative, you are abreast of the latest and emerging technologies, you know you can create the better mousetrap - and HAVE, many times. You are highly technical AND spectacular.
Codifiable - you look at manual steps and processes as opportunities to leverage your vast coding skills. Any manual task can be optimized by your broad and varied coding experience. You love this stuff!
Qualityfied - anything worth doing once, is worth doing right the first time. Quality is job 1.
Data dynamo - You are a data sleuth. You use data modeling, statistical analysis, and data science to help drive decisions. You don’t make wild guesses, but rather data driven decisions.
Ultra Agile- you are flexible, adaptive, and capable of changing tactics and direction rapidly as business drivers and priorities change. Change is just another opportunity for your vast skills and capabilities.
A winner - We don’t lose, and you shouldn’t accept losing either. We compete to win, and so must you!

The Ideal Candidate Will Meet These Requirements

BS degree or higher in Computer Science or related field
5+ years of commercial software development experience using C#, Java or C++
3+ years of Software Engineering and experience in testing, deploying and supporting large scale services on Azure, AWS or similar environments
Solid understanding of SQL and Relational databases. Being a SQL Dev is an added advantage.

Solid foundation of security principles and practices.

A passion for building development processes

Success collaborating with other teams across the company on platform requirements
Ability to work independently to actively identify and drive solutions for evolving business problems. Design and deliver features end to end that are ‘serviceable’
Knowledge of security, data mining and/or machine learning concepts a plus

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