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  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Job Location:
    Noida, India
  • Education:
  • Experience:
    5-10 Years
  • Posting Date:
    Oct 01, 2020
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Skills Required
Job Description

Job Description:

Overall Experience: 10 yrs

Devops Experience: 5+ yrs

Resource Expectation - Technically Hands on

Mandatory skills: AWS, Kubernetes, CI/CD Pipelining,

Good to have: Terraform, Helm, Docker, Linux, Scripting (shell/python), Github, Monitoring tools (e.g. Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Cloudwatch), SQL (admin & language experience) , App/Web Development experience

A good understanding of Networking and DNS, Gitops, Automated testing

What that looks like day to day:

In this role you’ll be carrying out project work to innovate and improve on our existing platform as well as monitoring, debugging and supporting existing infrastructure.

You’ll also be supporting the development teams to achieve their goals by assisting them to deploy their apps, managing security settings and unblocking them however necessary.

Day to day, you might find yourself:

•Using Terraform to configure infrastructure in AWS, manage DNS in Cloudflare, security in Vault or caching in Fastly.

•Designing & implementing deployment pipelines

•On and off-boarding staff members and managing access control

•Mitigating security risks

•Debugging performance issues

•Enhancing monitoring

•Discussing problems, ideas, researching new tools and implementing PoC solutions

You will have had solid experience of managing a highly available production environment with a full understanding of networking, security and infrastructure components such as database servers, caching layers and DNS providers.

You will be expected to be competent in debugging and identifying problems which may cause outages and be able to firefight outages or assist developers to resolve their (non code) issues.

You will be expected to have experience with automation tools to build, test and promote deployment pipelines.

You must have experience building infrastructure as code using Terraform in a reusable and extendible manner.

You must have solid experience designing, deploying and working with AWS services.

You must have a good attention to detail and an ability to review your own and others’ code for possible defects.

You will be expected to work well individually and as part of a team, with the ability to pair program and communicate well.

You should have a keen interest in R&D of new products that can help streamline and improve our processes and be effective at identifying current risks and inefficiencies in our configuration and processes.

Location : Noida

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