About Us

In recent time, getting a job in your Dream company is tough in the market. Even if you get a call from multiple consulting companies, following up with them throughout the hiring process gets complicated an there are high chances of it getting stuck in between. To make this hiring process easier, We Have come up with the Idea of ReferStreet. It is a referral hiring network where Both the Referee/Job poster and Referral/Job Seeker will be benefitted. A referee can earn the referral Bonus and a Referral can get a Dream job easily and quickly.
Why ReferStreet?
According to Market research, Companies who encourage employee referral programs have average retention rates of 66 percent, compared to the 33 percent retention rates of organizations that only use career sites.
Employee referral programs have already been there in the companies which include the entire team in the recruitment process. Current employees know the organization, so they understand the job requirements and the culture, and they are more trustworthy than recruiters in the eyes of job seekers.
Also referred employees get firsthand information about the atmosphere of the company and the workload of the job, they are better prepared to join the company than non-referred employees, which makes them more likely to stay with the organization and more productive than the average recruit. Overall, an effective employee referral program saves organizations time, money, and energy throughout the hiring process.
Keeping all this in mind, we have come up with the ReferStreet.